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Tizra's digital publishing software makes it easy to sell and deliver digital content direct to readers.

Tizra's digital publishing software makes it easy to sell and deliver digital content direct to readers.

Tizra proves that high-powered digital publishing platforms don't have to be hard to use. Our customers range from some of the most technically sophisticated in publishing, to organizations with no technical staff at all. Tizra makes it easy to:

  • Quickly offer digital content direct to your audience…from within your own website.
  • Control what you sell, how you sell it, for how much, and to whom
  • Make your content easy to find, share, purchase, and consume

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Tizra's agile commerce tools make it easy to optimize your sales.

  • Use our built-in, customizable shopping cart, or integrate with your own.
  • Sell by the chapter, lesson or other subsection. Or group content into custom collections for sale.
  • Target offers to specific groups with coupon codes and limited access offers.
  • Learn and evolve quickly with highly detailed analytics data on popular content, sources of traffic, conversion rates, abandonment, and other key metrics.
  • Sell to libraries, schools, businesses and other groups using IP authentication, referrer authentication, and redemption codes.
  • Sell access by the "seat" using concurrent session limitations.
  • Build recurring revenue with subscription-based business models.
  • Encourage trial and generate leads with flexible sampling and discounts.
  • Sell internationally with multiple currency options.
  • Offer added value products with rich media and interactive elements.

Access Control

You decide who has access to what content…with page-specific precision.

  • Apply different access rules to any collection, document or subsection.
  • Authenticate users by IP address, referring site or email domain.
  • Allow access to existing user databases via single-sign on integration, or simple account loading tools.
  • Protect your content against unauthorized use with page-at-a-time delivery and options including personalized watermarking and the latest Adobe Content Server DRM.
  • Minimize user support effort with self-service account management tools
  • Easily manage user accounts, with flexible licenses, metadata fields and user groups.


Automatically optimize your content for the rapidly growing mobile market, including iOS and Android.

  • Adaptive technology tunes the reading experience based on the type of device a reader is using.
  • Responsive design templates make it easy to search and navigate while retaining your branding.
  • Page-at-a-time content delivery minizes download times and makes efficient use of limited screen sizes.


Make it easy for users to build community around, and spread the word about, your content through social media, citations and other references.

  • Users can link directly to any page in any document, meaning it's more satisfying to share…and be shared with. Even search results can be shared.
  • Integrated sharing buttons make it easy to highlight social media options.
  • Customizable RSS feeds keep users coming back.


It doesn't matter how great your content is if people can't find it. Tizra lets you harness the full power of the web.

  • Make your content findable via Google and other search engines, even if it's behind a paywall.
  • Improve SEO through name based URLs, search engine friendly redirects, and special content formats tuned for search engine crawlers.
  • Take advantage of Tizra's powerful built-in search with relevancy ranking, preview snippets, contextual scope options, linkable results, and hits that lead directly to relevant pages.
  • Create customized search fields for specialized audiences and applications.


Quickly create new products from existing content by unbundling and remixing into just the combinations your customers want.

  • Automatically break content up into independently manageable document Excerpts based on heading data.
  • Group content into new packages based on simple tagging and filtering.
  • Quickly make large-scale updates to groupings with batch metadata editing tools.
  • Create large numbers of groupings automatically with virtual collection capabilities.
  • Apply multiple commerce and access control rules at collection, document and excerpt levels.
  • Generate downloadable content at the excerpt or document level…with customized watermarking.


Add value to existing content with multimedia supplements, or build completely new, digital-first creations.

  • Easily link to multimedia and interactive content using standard PDF authoring tools.
  • Upload any type of digital file to Tizra and gain the benefit of our powerful ecommerce and access control.
  • Place your content in the proper context with slide-out reader sidebars built into our reader.
  • Use built-in jQuery lightbox effects, or add your own custom JavaScript.
  • Upload complete websites and other complex file sets as .ZIP files for automatic extraction and delivery.

Site Design

It's your content, you should be able to decide how it looks. With Tizra, you have complete design control so you can integrate seamlessly with your existing online presence, or create a new destination to stand on its own.

  • Drag-and-drop control panel lets you quickly rearrange page layouts.
  • Pre-built templates and expert design services make it easy to get started.
  • If you want to use your own web developers, they can exercise complete design control using the tools they already know: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Standards based approach makes it easy to integrate your own code or from 3rd parties.
  • Powerful inheritance/override model makes it easy to manage sites with hundreds of thousands of pages.
  • JSON interfaces enable advanced users to create completely customized interactions.

Easy Integration

Open web standards, and developer-friendly REST and JSON APIs let you add the power of Tizra to your existing systems, maximizing efficiency and ease of use. Examples:

  • Single sign-on and user management integrations with association management, learning management and ecommerce software.
  • Support for the IMS Global Common Cartridge (CC) and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards to facilitate integration with learning management systems.
  • Automated content updates and synchronization with digital asset and title management systems.
  • Content querying and display via popular tools like jQuery, Drupal and WordPress.
  • Plus, there's never any need for your users to install or learn proprietary software!

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