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Who We Are

Tizra is the product of a small team, headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. We have decades of experience working for some of the biggest names in publishing and technology, but in the spirit of our scrappy little state, we believe you don’t have to be big to do great things. Core team members include …

David Durand

Abe Dane

Catherine Winchild

David Durand

David is the keeper of Tizra’s technology flame. Part software architect, part engineer, part computer scientist, his PhD work focused on document engineering and collaborative editing, and he subsequently taught at Brown. He’s worked with markup languages and hypertext since 1984, contributing to standards including XML and TEI. When not coding, he tinkers with vintage electronics and sings with Providence’s Quahog Quire.

Abe Dane

Abe is responsible for keeping Tizra’s team and technology pulling together to serve our customers. His background is in consumer publishing, including stints at Popular Mechanics, Hearst New Media and MIT. His byline is on dozens of magazine articles, and since 1994, he has contributed to a string of successful web projects. He loves barbecue more than may be healthy and on weekends can be found hanging out at his wife’s neighborhood kitchen store.

Catherine Winchild

Catherine is our resident writer and teacher, helping customers learn how to make the most of Tizra’s powerful software. She is an experienced technical writer, and has conducted trainings for hundreds of software users. Before working in tech, Catherine taught in a variety of settings, including a high school for students with dyslexia. Catherine also writes a (very non-technical) humor blog.

Our Mission

We believe that the key to any successful digital content strategy is giving users exactly the information they need … when, where and how they need it. By doing this, content owners create strong brands, communities and relationships of trust with their audiences, and ensure their long-term relevance, growth and vitality.

Tizra builds software that puts the power directly into the hands of content owners, making it easy for them to determine how their digital content is presented, sold and delivered. A few core principles have guided the evolution of the Tizra platform:

  • Ease of use—By making our control panels simple and intuitive, we empower your staff to contribute based on their knowledge of the subject and the audience, regardless of their technical skills.
  • Openness—We don’t try to be the best tool for every job; we try to help you get the best overall result, by making it easy to combine Tizra with other tools to create a seamless and customized experience for your users.
  • Agility—The digital landscape is changing at dizzying speed, so even if you’ve built the perfect digital experience, odds are it won’t stay perfect for long. Tizra gives you the tools to evolve and adapt quickly and cost effectively.

It’s a challenging, fast moving world out there. But with right content and the right tools, you can win. Tizra provides those tools.

Key Milestones


Tizra founded.


Initial investment from Rhode Island’s Slater Technology Fund.


Tizra goes live with initial customers including MIT Press.


First educational and association publishers sign with Tizra, including the Association of Research Libraries and Texas Tech’s Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences


First textbook publishers go live on Tizra, including Goodheart-Willcox.


Mobile optimized reading interfaces added for smartphones and tablets.


New REST and JSON APIs added, enabling organizations like Stanford’s HighWire Press to integrate complex content management, access control and reporting systems with Tizra.


Einstein Papers project launched on Tizra. New integration tools added to facilitate single sign-on integration with association management software including Personify and iMIS.


Support for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards, including Thin Common Cartridge, eases integration with a wide range of learning management platforms.


New search and XML publication capabilities debut, enabling publishers to create more fluid and engaging user experiences.

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